Ionised alkaline water – natural protection of health

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  Are you aware of the following?

  • If you are thirsty, your organism sends you a signal about dehydration.
  • In order to neutralise 1 glass of a popular carbonated drink, you must drink 32 glasses of ionised alkaline water.
  • Acidified organism is more susceptible to diseases and ailments.
  • In Japanese and Korean hospitals, some conditions are treated with ionised alkaline water.

 What will you gain by drinking ionised alkaline water?

  • You will get rid of:diabetes, nephrolithiasis, gout and high blood pressure.
  • You will decrease the risk of developing cancer.
  • You will eliminate chronic fatigue, drowsiness.
  • You will clean your organism from toxins and restore full vitality.
  • You will protect your organism against acidification, which is dangerous to health.


Organism acidification = silent killer

Learn how to restore the pH balance


Organism over-acidification leads to many diseases

  • Diabetes ‑ excess acids accumulating in the organism burden the pancreas, which is not able to produce enough insulin.
  • Gout – excess acids cause the accumulation of crystals of uric acid salts in the joints.
  • Obesity – organism acidification causes that the liver, instead of concentrating on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates,fights with microorganisms.
  • High blood pressure – excess acids lead to the clumping of red blood cells and thickening of blood.
  • Chronic fatigue – excess acids decrease the amount of oxygen resulting in anaerobic combustion of carbohydrates – ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms, which, instead of you, obtain vital energy.
  • Tumours – acidification of an organism creates anaerobic conditions that are favourable to the development of cancer cells.
  • Hyperacidity of the stomach – excess acids cause increased gastric juice secretion.
  • Nephrolithiasis – excess acids not neutralised by the natural buffer system cause the deposition of sand or stones in the kidneys.


Ionised water – efficiently restores acid-alkaline balance.

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